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Soft Floor Flex Their Joints At Pilates Factory With Emma

Pilates Factory with Soft Floor UK | Emma

The health benefits of Pilates are no secret, from improved core strength and flexibility, to re-alignment of body shape and posture, the trend has become extremely popular at home and in studios. Positive communities have formed around Pilates and brought many physical health and well-being improvements to thousands of people.

It’s not uncommon to see Pilates class attendees with rolled up floor mats under their arms, ready to get down and get stretching. However, it there is a lot of conflicting advice about what type of floor mat you need for Pilates and the questions quickly mount up. Will any old piece of rolled-up foam do? How thick does it need to be? What about non-slip features? And why do they cost so much!? Independent Pilates and Yoga studios have sought to take the burden away from the user by providing their own mats in class, but this can become difficult to manage, especially for growing class sizes in temporary meeting places. Purpose-built studios and long-lease Pilates venues have sought another flooring solution – a permanent soft floor area that is easy to set-up, clean, maintain, and looks great.

The Pilates Factory with Emma is one of the UK’s leading Pilates providers. Based in a purpose built studio near Harlow in Essex, the Pilates Factory offers to ‘reset your body to factory settings’, strengthen your mind and sculpt your body through the art of movement with Pilates. Owner Emma, herself a former dancer, is passionate about women’s health and well-being. Keen to promote Pilates to all ages and abilities, she required a soft floor solution to improve the look and soft nature feel of her studio.

Step forward (and balance) Soft Floor – the US’s favourite interlocking foam mats and multi-purpose flooring. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Soft Floor are the original producer of EVA foam tiles and flooring. With over 20 colours and finishes in the range, there are mats for all environments. For Pilates and Yoga, interlocking EVA foam mats from Soft Floor UK’s classic range fit the bill perfectly. Their ease of use, combined with their longevity and anti-fatigue properties made them the perfect fit for exercise, fitness and movement studios.

”I was extremely pleased to find Soft Floor UK and their range of classic EVA foam mats. I selected the bleached oak wood effect finish as this provided the authentic look I needed. The service I received was amazing and the floor mats have transformed my studio!”

Emma has since opened up extra venues and is also providing live Pilates sessions online, on-demand with a FREE 7-day trial. We are more than happy she settled on Soft Floor, the perfect floor mat choice for Pilates studio flooring.

Classic EVA foam mats from Soft Floor UK are 50cm by 50cm and 14mm thick and provide excellent cushioned support and fall protection for hard floors. They can be laid quickly and cleaned easily, and have a strong interlocking design to improve slip-resistance. The 50cm Classic interlocking jigsaw mats are available directly from the Soft Floor UK website: or by calling 01206 390 570.

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