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GymGuard Rubber Gym Mats | Soft Floor UK

GymGuard™ Freeweights Mats

Serious mats for serious environments - our solid rubber 50cm and 100cmm GymGuard™ mats are made from a high-quality natural rubber and stand up to the toughest weight training and weightlifting conditions.

Heavy-Duty Materials
Anti-Slip Finish
Available in 50cm/100cm

Easy DIY Install
Integrated Ramps
Great Value!

Essential 12mm GymGuard

Solid rubber mats and accessories with 12mm thickness.

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Premium 17mm GymGuard

Solid rubber mats and accessories with 17mm thickness.

What is GymGuard flooring made of?

GymGuard flooring is meticulously crafted from high-quality natural rubber. This material choice not only ensures durability and resilience but also provides a comfortable and supportive surface for a variety of physical activities and workouts.

Why should I choose GymGuard for my garage gym?

GymGuard offers multiple advantages for garage gym setups. First and foremost, its superior shock absorption is perfect for heavy workouts, ensuring that the impact on your joints is minimized. Additionally, it boasts excellent durability which means it's built to withstand intense training sessions. The slip resistance feature ensures safety, even during sweaty workouts. Lastly, it's a great protector for both your valuable gym equipment and the concrete floor of your garage.

How do I clean and maintain GymGuard flooring?

Maintaining GymGuard flooring is quite straightforward. For daily upkeep, sweep or vacuum to remove loose debris. If you need a deeper clean, a mix of mild detergent and water does the trick. Use a soft mop to clean the surface and then rinse with clean water. It's essential to stay away from harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes as these can damage or degrade the natural rubber over time.