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Classic 50cm Sports Exercise Tiles | Soft Floor UK
GymGuard Rubber Gym Mats | Soft Floor UK
AstroTile Multi-purpose portable sports surface for events and hard surfaces | Soft Floor UK

Sport & Exercise Floor Mats

We produce a range of high-quality floor mats for sports and exercise activities. From simple workout areas at home to professional gym setups, weightlifting and crossfit, there are plenty of flooring options available.

50cm Sport Mats

Our basic 50cm sport mats are a great cost effective solution for home workouts, fitness work and martial arts practice. They feature interlocking edges and are made from medium density EVA foam for comfort and protection from injury.

Essential 12mm GymGuard

Solid rubber gym flooring for all types of workout routines in the home gym.

Premium 17mm GymGuard

Designed as the ultimate heavy-duty gym flooring solution, perfect for more heavy duty workouts such as olympic deadlifts (250kg+) or used with squat racks and weights racks. Commonly found in commercial gyms and fitness centres.

AstroTile Sports Surface

Our popular AstroTile sports surface is a grass-effect mat with a heavy-duty fibre pile surface originally designed for street football and 5-a-side games. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, it is easy to use, clean and store. Helps protect against impact from falls.

Ultra Sports Mats

Our ultra mats are made from a high-density, premium EVA foam mat and are ideal for gym and exercise areas. Suitable for use with fitness equipment such as spin bikes, treadmills and rowing machines. Lightweight and easy to install with excellent impact protection.