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Interlocking Dance Floor Tiles (Oak) | Soft Floor UK
Interlocking Dance Floor Tiles (Oak) | Soft Floor UK
Interlocking Dance Floor Tiles (Oak) | Soft Floor UK

Portable Dance Tiles

Practice your ballet, tap and dance steps with our portable dance floor tiles. Made from a high-impact polypropylene base and an extremely hard-wearing wood effect laminate surface (ideal for home and leisure use), the tiles fit together easily with a concealed joint and are available in handy sized packs!

USES: Dance Practice Mats; Portable Dance Floor; Dance Events; Weddings Dance Floor; Marquee Flooring; Exhibitions.

Tile Packs

What are the dance tiles made of?

The dance tiles are constructed from a high-impact polypropylene base coupled with an extremely durable wood effect laminate surface. This combination ensures both longevity and a quality feel.

What are the uses for these dance tiles?

These tiles are incredibly versatile. They can be used as dance practice mats, portable dance floors, and even for special events like weddings. They're also suitable for marquee flooring and exhibitions.

How do the tiles fit together?

The tiles are designed to fit together seamlessly with a concealed joint mechanism. This makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the floor as needed.

What sizes do the packs come in?

The dance tiles are available in various pack sizes, including 1m, 1.8m, and 3m packs. This allows you to choose the right size for your specific needs.