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Rubber Mesh Hollow Mat Heavy-Duty | Soft Floor UK
ParkMat Grass Protection Parking Mats | Soft Floor UK
AstroTile Multi-purpose portable sports surface for events and hard surfaces | Soft Floor UK

Outdoor Flooring

Our outdoor flooring range features heavy-duty flooring for tough environments such as events and agriculture. The revolutionary AstroTile™ takes outdoor sports events to the next level. The large EVA foam backed mats with synthetic grass pile are easy to lay, lift and transport, making them the perfect choice for community events. They provide excellent protection against hard surfaces and all weather elements. Also included here are our grass parking mats, made from high-density PVC and produced specially for protecting soft ground areas at outdoor events and providing safe walkways for visitors. Our solid rubber hollow mesh mats make up the range and are often applied as anti-fatigue flooring or behind the bar, where drainage is important from a safety aspect.
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Grass Protection & Parking Mats

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AstroTile Sports Surface

Rubber Mesh Hollow Mats