Garage Flooring

Ultra durable slimline PVC garage floor tiles!

Our market leading DURATILEâ„¢ interlocking garage floor tiles offer the perfect garage flooring solution. Made from high-quality virgin PVC, they are simple to install and give a premium finish to any garage floor, workshop or utility area. The smart interlocking system holds each tile in place, whilst the raised coin or disc surface creates a slip resistant surface. The tiles are also resistant to most oil and chemical spills, making them easy to clean and maintain.

DuraTile Heavy-duty PVC Floor Tiles | Soft Floor UK


  • Easy to Use
  • 50cm Tiles
  • Interlocking Edges
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Extremely Durable

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What are the garage floor tiles made of?

The garage floor tiles are made of high-quality virgin PVC, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear. This material is known for its strength and versatility, making it an ideal choice for garage flooring.

How do the tiles interlock?

The tiles are designed with interlocking edges that hold each tile firmly in place. This unique system allows for a seamless connection between tiles, creating a uniform and attractive appearance. It also ensures that the tiles stay in place without shifting, providing a stable surface.

Are the tiles slip-resistant?

Yes, the tiles feature a raised coin or disc surface that creates a slip-resistant surface. This design enhances safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially when the floor is wet. It’s an essential feature for garages where spills and moisture are common.

Can the tiles resist oil and chemical spills?

The garage floor tiles are resistant to most oil and chemical spills. This resistance makes cleaning and maintenance easier, as spills can be wiped away without staining or damaging the surface. It’s a practical feature for garages where vehicles and machinery are stored.

What colors and accessories are available?

Various colors and accessories are available to complement the garage flooring. Accessories like edge ramps and corner ramps provide a finished look and ease of access. The color options allow for customization to match the aesthetics of the garage or workspace.


  • Choosing the Right Tile: Consider factors like colour, design, and texture to match your garage’s aesthetics. The right choice can enhance the overall appearance of the space.
  • Installation: The interlocking system simplifies installation, allowing for a DIY approach. Follow the instructions provided for a smooth and successful installation.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance and functionality of the tiles. Their resistance to spills makes maintenance easier. Regular inspection for wear and tear ensures longevity.
  • Safety: The slip-resistant surface adds an extra layer of safety. Consider additional safety measures if needed, such as proper lighting and organisation.