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Classic EVA Foam Mats Exhibit World Leading Comfort For Hope Tech Bicycle Components

Whether you need hubs, controls, wheels, clothing or anything else bicycle-related, Hope Technology designs, tests and manufactures high end products. Established in 1989, the company has grown from making parts for personal use to now proudly manufacturing its products by almost 100 staff in its Barnoldswick factory and exporting approximately 50% of its products to over 40 countries.

As part of being one of the world leaders in bicycle components, Hope Tech, are involved in trade exhibitions throughout the year and in a variety of different places. These trade exhibitions involve the people at Hope Tech standing for long hours at a time, often on uncomfortable surfaces.

In one of their latest exhibits at the Core Bike Show, Hope Tech decided they needed a softer and more comfortable flooring to stand on all day. From finding the company and its products through internet searches in the past, they contacted Soft Floor UK. Drawn to the EVA foam technology, Hope Tech ordered the slate coloured multi-purpose 500mm Classic Eva Foam Mats to be used at their exhibition.

Looking for increased comfort, Soft Floor’s classic foam mats provided Hope Tech with the perfect protection against the hard floor for both the people, and the products on exhibit. Because of the foam mats features, including a medium-density EVA foam, the mats are the perfect fit for a comfortable surface and with the improved slip resistance surface it adds even more protection for people and products on a hard floor. Alan Weatherill Sales and Marketing manager confirmed this by saying:

“We are very happy with the floor mats, they enabled us to theme our display area perfectly and were ideal for standing on all day.”

Alan said one of the main things they loved about the product was its ease of use and fitting. As the classic foam mats are multi-purpose and have an interlocking design, the product is quick to lay, meaning that they went down easily on the hotels surface and can be conveniently stored which makes them even more ideal for taking to events like this. The company has reused the mats since the first use and plan on continuing to do so.

Soft Floor UK’s Classic EVA multi-purpose 500mm mats are perfect for multi-use areas such as exhibitions. The interlocking design makes it easy and quick to lay onto hard flooring as well as being easy to clean and store. Plus, it’s medium-density EVA foam provides comfort and protection against hard flooring. Classic EVA Foam Floor Mats by Soft Floor UK are available in a variety of colours online at or by calling 01206 390 570.