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RemPods Choose Soft Floor UK For Reminiscence Rooms

RemPods produce pop-up reminiscence rooms which work by turning any care space into a independent, therapeutic & calming environment. Particularly developed for the care industry, they offer grounding & inner peace for people with dementia. They also help to relieve boredom, work as a meaningful ‘fun’ activity and most importantly, build better care bonds between staff and their residents, helping to raise care standards.

As part of their growing range of pod environments, RemPods were looking to develop pods themed on dance halls, traditional shops and cafe’s. For this they needed a wood effect flooring for authenticity. Specifically, they needed a floor which was easy to assemble and store away – in keeping with their pop-up ethos.

With a range of solutions on the market, the company quickly ruled out anything heavy or which required intensive installation. RemPods founder by Richard Ernest said:

“We were looking for a flooring that not only looked good but was portable, easy to set-up and maintain.”

In addition, the floor had to have anti-slip properties and minimise fall impact. After careful consideration, RemPods chose wood effect interlocking EVA foam floor mats by Soft Floor UK. Richard Ernest said: “The mats were exactly what we were looking for, are of excellent quality and have performed well so far.” When asked about the service received from Soft Floor UK, he added:

“The staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful answering questions about our intended use. This gave us the assurance we needed to make the investment.”

Soft Floor UK currently produce EVA foam wood effect interlocking floor mats in two finishes, oak and teak. Unlike many mats of this type on the market, Soft Floor UK use more polyethylene, giving the mats extra flexibility, increased tensile strength and longevity. Oak and Teak mats are 50cm square and can be laid quickly and stored easily, and have a strong interlocking design to improve slip-resistance. They are available to buy directly from the Soft Floor UK website: or by calling 01206 390 570.


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