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Soft Floor Makes Room For Meditation At Nurture Health Clinic Glasgow

Nurture, the Integrated Health Clinic in Glasgow approached Soft Floor for a flooring solution for their new group room. The room is used used for active birth and mum & baby classes and already has calming green colour scheme. They needed mats that would lay quickly and could be stored easily when the room was used for other classes.

Nurture chose Natural Tatami Mats for their authentic look and easy of assembly. Clinical Hypno Psychotherapist & Teacher, Sian Gilmartin said:

“We chose these specific mats as they have a really natural and relaxing look to them, lovely colour (and our business colour is green), but more importantly they look unique and not like like sports mats or children’s play mats. They looked like they should be on the floor of a meditation room.”

When asked if she would recommend Softfloor Natural Tatami Mats, she added:

“I would recommend them 100%, gorgeous, so easy to put down and pull up when you need to and they really turned our room from a basic hard floor space in to a luxurious, comfortable and relaxing space.”

Soft Floor UK Natural Tatami Mats are often used as yoga mats, pilates mats and in meditation rooms. They are very popular for light exercise and stretch out areas. They have a natural weave finish and patterned edge they provide an authentic looking flooring solution. The interlocking jigsaw edge makes them easy to install and straight edge strips are supplied with each mat for a perfect straight finish.


> Natural Tatami Mats by Soft Floor UK
> Nurture Integrated Health Clinic, Glasgow UK