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Soft Floor UK Hold The Floor For Chuckle Chimps Soft Play Hire

Chuckle Chimps is part of a growing industry of self-start party equipment hire businesses. Run by Sarah Osborne and based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Chuckle Chimps is a mobile soft play hire company that provides soft play equipment like ball pools and soft shapes at private children’s parties in hired halls or even homes to enable very young children to play safely.

Party venues can vary considerably, and so can the type of flooring from concrete to parquet, to vinyl and carpet. This presents a challenge to the business and it’s aim to provide a safe playing environment. With safety paramount, Chuckle Chimps were keen to find a portable flooring which reinforced the values of the company of being a safe option for parties and protected children from inevitable tumbles whilst playing.

After some meticulous research, Chuckle Chimps chose Classic interlocking mats by Soft Floor UK as they were a good size for ease of quick set up and importantly had a critical fall height of one metre. Business owner Sarah Osborne said:

“We were really impressed with the range of colour options available and selected orange and purple Classic tiles to match the Chuckle Chimps brand colours. The finished effect when laid down looks very professional and eye catching!”

Chuckle Chimps ordered an initial quantity of 100 tiles across the two colours – although as the business has since grown rapidly, they have returned a number of times to Soft Floor UK to order more. Sarah added: “We like the fact the tiles are really durable and easy to clean down after each party hire. Also the additional points about the composition of the tiles is a fantastic reassurance to parents who are effectively putting their children’s safety and well being in our hands.”

When asked about the service they had received from Soft Floor UK, the response was very positive.

“When we first started out we were unsure as to which product we needed for the business. A call to the Soft Floor UK team really helped us understand what the options were and what would suit our needs best. There is so much choice it can be bewildering so I would recommend chatting to the Sales Team.”

Classic EVA puzzle mats are 50cm by 50cm and 14mm thick and provide excellent cushioned support and fall protection for hard floors. They can be laid quickly and stored easily, and have a strong interlocking design to improve slip-resistance. The 50cm Classic interlocking jigsaw mats are available directly from the Soft Floor UK website: or by calling 01206 390 570.


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