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Softfloor Fit The Bill For Reebok FitHub™ London Launch

As part of their FitHub™ launch, Reebok are holding number of PR events at busy shopping locations around the UK. Managed by M&C Saatchi, the events feature fitness experts performing exercise and gymnastics routines in commercial urban areas.

Softfloor UK were asked to provide 84 square metres of suitable flooring for the event in August 2013 held at the famous Covent Garden location in London. The floor had to be soft enough to protect and strong enough to support the athletes during their routines, which included active aerobatics with mid-air holds, tumbles, acrobatic rolls and yoga positions. As the event was held in a busy urban shopping location, the floor had to be laid and disassembled quickly on a time sensitive production timetable.

Softfloor UK selected their interlocking foam 40mm Sport Tatami Jigsaw Mat in black for the task, due to their medium density, thickness and eye-catching tatami weave finish. The outdoor events team from Softfloor were on site early and the floor area was expertly laid in under one hour. Some mats had to be cut to fit in awkward areas, but setup and de-rig was otherwise straightforward. The 40mm mats performed as well as the athletes and helped to create a stunning visual effect which added real value to the Reebok FitHub&trade experience.

“We’ve worked with Softfloor on a number of projects requiring a protective soft floor area and we’re always impressed by quality of their mats, their professionalism and ability to get it right. We look forward to working with them again at the next event.”

– Catherine O’Brien, Head of Events at M&C Saatchi

Softfloor are due to repeat the feat again for the next Reebok FitHub™ PR event at the Bluewater Retail Shopping Centre in Kent, UK

40mm Sport Tatami Jigsaw Mats are ideal for general sports and exercise at home or the gym. Made from medium-density EVA foam, they provide excellent foot support and floor protection for many fitness activities and martial arts. The mats are interlocking, reversible, anti-slip, easy to fit and come in a variety of colours

You can buy 40mm Sport Tatami Jigsaw Mats directly from the Softfloor UK website: or by calling 01206 390 570.

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