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Classic 50cm EVA Foam Mats - Pastel Colours

The original classic 50cm mat is still our most popular floor mat, with the widest range of uses. It's interlocking design, durability and generous 14mm thickness makes it a perfect all-rounder almost any environment! Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours to create a unique floor layout for almost any environment. Combine coloured tiles with our carpet and wood effect mats for even more possibilities!

SIZE: 50cm x 50cm x 14mm
USES: Play Areas, Soft Play, Gym, Nursery, Events, Displays, Exhibitions.

Classic 50cm – Single Mats

Explore our Pastel Mats collection at Soft Floor UK, offering a blend of soft hues and durable comfort. These mats, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and calm to any space, are ideal for nurseries, yoga studios, and home interiors. Their gentle pastel tones create a soothing ambiance, while the robust construction ensures long-lasting use. Easy to install and maintain, these mats provide a safe, cushioned surface for a variety of activities. Whether you’re looking to enhance a playroom or create a serene workout area, our Pastel Mats combine functionality with contemporary style.

Classic 50cm - Bulk Packs